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Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday post is about beach reads. To me, a beach read is anything that is a quick, light contemporary read, preferably really fun and with lots of kissing! ;) For this Top Ten Tuesday post, I thought I would list the top ten beach reads on my TBR list! So, in no particular order… (click the title to lead you to the Goodreads page!)

text-love and other perishable items

This book by Laura Buzo has been on my TBR list for quite a while, but I’ve just never gotten around to it! Why? WHO KNOWS! I’ve read a gazillion good reviews on it! I hope to read this one this summer!

text-anna and the french kiss

This will be my First Stephanie Perkins book, and I can’t wait for it! I have resolved to read it this summer for the Summer of Standalones Challenge!

text-one lonely degree

This book is by C.K. Kelly Martin, another author who I have heard wonderful things about! This book sounds interesting because there’s the whole deal with a boy who is seeing the MC’s best friend, but the MC wants him for herself!

text-second chance summer

Now, this Morgan Matson book may not fully fit the bill for a Beach Read as I’ve heard there are lots of tears that come when you read this book, but it’s still a summer book that I’m looking forward to reading!

text-nantucket blue

Betty from Book Rock Betty highly recommends this Leila Howland book, and I fully trust Betty in any of her recommendations!

tect-the summer I turned pretty

I’ve heard a so many good things about this series by Jenny Han, and I definitely want to read it this summer. Bonus: I found all the books in a thrift store for super cheap!!!

text-amy and roger's epic detour

By Morgan Matson. Road trip?! I’m in!


This book by Elana K. Arnold has such a pretty cover, and an interesting sounding plot too!

text-my life next door

Literally everyone I know that has read this book by Huntley Fitzpatrick has loved it! And the cover is just so purdyyyyy :)

text-reese malcolm list

This Amy Spalding book sounds really fun, and it’s another one with a super cute cover!

So tell me: Have you read any of these books? Should I bump a couple up on my TBR list? What books are you favourite beach reads? I WANT TO KNOW!


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Beach Reads

  1. Ooo, I didn’t think to do a TBR on the beach list. I think my list would’ve been a bit different. Anna and the French Kiss would’ve made that list – have heard a lot of great things, but haven’t yet read myself. Love the lettering you use! Stands out and is a pretty shade of blue.

    My Top Ten

  2. lol, we both did a TBR list this week! Awesome!! I can’t wait for you to read Anna and the French Kiss, I think you’ll really love that one. And a bunch of these are on my own TTT this week, too – Second Chance Summer, Summer I Turned Pretty, My Life Next Door, Amy & Roger… I can’t wait to read those. :)

    My Top Ten

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