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Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday post is about books that you are too intimidated to read! There are a lot of reasons to not pick up a book you are scared of, like how big it is, how tiny the font might be, how hyped up a book is and possibly letting down the people that say you will love it! And even not wanting to read a book because you want so badly to like it but you know that you might not, and that scares you. So, here is my list of the top ten books that intimidate me too much to read them (for whatever reason) in no particular order…

anna karenindevotedfor darkness shows the starsgame of throneshow my summer went up in flameslive through this nineteen minutes the chronicles of narnia unravel meadult books

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy: A few reasons – 1) It’s a classic, and they scare me! What if I don’t understand what’s going on and the language is too old for me to get? What if I don’t value it as much as classics are supposed to be valued and cherished?! 2) IT’S HUGE!!! Like, 800 pages of teeny tiny font huge.

Devoted by Hilary Duff: I want to finish the Elixer series, I promise! But… I’ve just seen so many negative reviews of Devoted and True that I’m hesitant. I quite liked Hilary Duff’s first book, Elixer, but now I’m worried that the rest of them actually suck!

For  Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund: Everyone loves this book, and I think I will too, I just can’t bring myself to start it again. I started this book a few months ago on a car ride, and I think I only got about 10 pages in, but I literally had no idea what was going on with the “reduction” and the “post-reductionsists.” I don’t know if I wasn’t paying attention enough, or if I am actually too dumb to understand this book…. Also, I haven’t read Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but I don’t know if that really makes a difference.

A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin: The books in this series are just SO BIG! And everyone loves them, so of course I’m scared that I won’t.

How My Summer Went Up in Flames by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski: This is a book that I really want to love. The description sounds really good, and what’s not to love about a road trip book?! APPARENTLY A FEW THINGS! I’ve read a lot of bad and mediocre reviews for this one, which is kind of turning me off from reading it, because I WANT TO LOVE IT.

Live Through This by Mindi Scott: This is an issue book that I’m just afraid will be way too sad for me to handle.

Anything by Jodi Picoult: Again, you just know her books are going to end with you in tears. It’s just the way life is.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis: I made the mistake of buying the entire Chronicles of Narnia all in one book, which makes it look like one darn big book that I will never get through!

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi: I loved loved loved Shatter Me. And I think I’m going to love Unravel Me too! I really do! I’m just scared that I might end up being one of those people who goes to Warner, and I really don’t want to!! I’m an Adam lover!!!!

Finally, ANY ADULT BOOK EVER WRITTEN EVER. I am intimidated by these books because I just know that I’m not going to like them! They’re not the same as a YA book. They just all seem so BORING! My mom is always recommending these adult books that she likes to me, telling me that I will like them too, but I just know I won’t.

So tell me: What books are you too intimidated to read? Are any of them the same as mine? Do you have any convincing arguments for me that might make me pick up one of these books sooner than I was planning? I WANT TO KNOW!


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Intimidating Books

  1. Ha, I’m one of those people with negative reviews for Devoted and True, though I did like Elixir. But… eh. *sigh* I probably wouldn’t like Elixir either if I reread it today. I really want to read A Game of Thrones as well, but am intimidated by it too. I am planning on reading For Darkness Shows the Stars soon though! :) Excited for it! As to Unravel Me: what happens happens. I’m kind of a Warner convert too, though I was all for Adam before Unravel Me. But it’s very well done. You shouldn’t feel guilty about what you /may/ like in the future, that’s ridiculous :P

    • Yeah I read Elixir a long time ago, so I’m wondering if I would have a different opinion now. But I have this morbid curiosity to see what’s going to happen next! And as for Unravel Me, I’ll probably be okay once I read it, I’m just worried haha

  2. I also have Anna Karenina & the Game of Thrones series on my list. I think its the size of the books that put me off the most.

  3. I totally understand the feeling! Whenever a book gets a ton of hype I always get nervous about reading it. Which may be why I haven’t read Eleanor and Park yet. I hope you do read For Darkness Shows the Stars though. It is gorgeous!

  4. If you want to attempt to read Anna Karenina with me at some point this year, I am totally down for that. It’s one of those books I’ve always meant to at least TRY to read, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

    Also – For Darkness Shows the Stars is beautifully written. However, it’s a bit difficult to wrap your head around at first, admittedly, so I can understand the trouble! Hopefully, you give it another shot and wind up falling in love with it.

    As for A Game of Thrones, I wasn’t a big fan of the first one. I’m in the middle of the second right now and liking that one a whole lot more!

    • I would definitely be down to try and read Anna Karenina with you some time this year!! And I just checked out For Darkness Shows the Stars from the library again, so I will be attempting it again :)

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