Gayle Forman Read Along: If I Stay – Week 4 Questions

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! We’re on to the second book of the read along, If I Stay. This portion of the read along is being hosted by Candice at The Grown-Up YA! This week’s questions focus on the ending of the book.

Now, I followed along with the reading part of this read along, but I didn’t have time to answer the questions for weeks 2 and 3! But I’m back, and I’m here to finish off the questions for the last section of the book!!! :)

1.  “Amazing things happen when you stop hiding behind that hulking beast.” What is the significance of this statement that Mia is told at music camp? Are there any examples of her not hiding behind her cello that result in amazing things?

 When Mia finally agrees to play her cello with Adam and the rest of her family and friends, she realizes that it sounds fantastic next to all of the other guitars, and doesn’t result in the cacophony she thought it would.

2. Mia laments to her mom about the changes that are coming for her and Adam – college, musical success, moving – and her mom states that 17 is an inconvenient time to be in love. Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

 I think that 17 is most definitely an inconvenient time to be in love, what with college, and the stress of senior year of high school, and the fact that you can change so much over the next few years. Mia’s mom definitely had it right.

3. The last part of the book foreshadows Mia and Adam’s future relationship. If you haven’t read Where She Went, do you think it’s heading a good direction? If you have read Where She Went, does rereading this book give you a better understanding of their relationship in the sequel?

I haven’t read Where She Went, but I definitely think that their relationship is headed in the right direction. I’m certain that Mia will want to stay with Adam, and wont take up his offer of leaving her if she wants him to. I think that because he was the reason she was able to place herself back in her body, and regain the strength to rise from her coma that these two will have an inseparable bond in the coming book.

4. So… last week I asked about the headphones and realized I jumped the gun. Feel free to answer that one now: What does Adam’s act of putting the headphones on Mia suggest about their relationship?

 Adam knows Mia inside and out. He knew that listening to cello music would remind her of how strong she can be, and of what she would be leaving behind in this life if she decided to die.

5. What’s been your favorite part thus far about this read-along? Feel free to include any fun moments, any new bloggers you’ve met, etc.

I’ve loved getting to experience reading these books for the first time ever with some amazing book bloggers! I can’t wait for the next leg of the journey :)


One thought on “Gayle Forman Read Along: If I Stay – Week 4 Questions

  1. Yay! So glad you’re back for week four :)
    I agree — I mean, any time is a hard time for love haha — But end of high school & beginning of college brings SO many changes. Distance, changes within yourself… It’s a madhouse! But I loved that conversation between Mia and her mom :)

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