Harry Potter Book Mash!!!

Hi everyone! Today I’m supposed to be doing a lot of packing for school, so I’ve got to keep the post short! I wanted to do something a little fun, and something that touches upon my favourite book series ever. The solution? HARRY POTTER BOOK MASH!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

You all remember playing MASH when you were a kid, right? Well, if not, basically it was a game to decide your future!! So, I’ve included the categories husband, best friend, job, pet, number of kids, favourite subject, and Hogwart’s school house! LET THE FUN BEGIN!


So, after a bunch of counting lines and crossing names out, THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Husband: Ron Weasley
Best Friend: Luna Lovegood
Job: Auror
Pet: Trevor
Kids: 2
Favourite Subject: Herbology
House: Gryffindor

Below is a Mr Linky for you to attach your own book mash games if you want to! You don’t have to do Harry Potter, and you don’t even have to stick to one book or series! Try mixing things up and include a bunch of different characters from a variety of genres, and maybe you can even include a category for where you live!!! HAVE FUN!!!


9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Book Mash!!!

  1. YAY MASH! I love Mash. And HP Mash??? All the better! I just did mine. Okay, here’s my results: Husband is Viktor Krum, best friends with Cho Chang (ugh yuck), 1 kid, in Hufflepuff, I’m a headmistress with pet Trevor and fave subject is Transfiguration. Ehh on hufflepuff and Cho but hey, at least I’m married to mr. hottie viktor right? hahaha. Great idea Natalie!

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