Top Ten Sequels I Desperately Need To Read – because I have a series-ous problem

Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday post is supposed to be about the top ten sequels we are most anticipating.  However, as most of you know I have a problem.  A serious one. (*sidenote* I tried to be punny in my title…. series-ous… Meh) I start so many series/trilogies and I never finish them! Hence, my little alteration to this week’s post.  I bring you: The Top Five Sequels I Desperately Need To Read So That I Can Finish Some of the 12987129487129387 Series I Am Currently in the Middle Of.  So, in no particular order… (click the title to head over to the goodreads!)

First five

unravel me title

Shatter Me was one of the first books I reviewed on my blog, which tells you how long ago I read it. It was amazing! It is still one of my favourite books to this day, so who knows why I haven’t read the sequel yet?! ‘Cause I don’t!

seige and storm

Again, Shadow and Bone was another fantastic book that for some reason I have not yet read the sequel of!  A kick-ass heroine, a perfectly evil dude, and one of the most creative and freshest ideas for a fantasy novel that I’ve read in ages – what more could you ask for?! I’ve also heard about this other guy in Siege and Storm… I think his name is Sturmhond and people love him??? ;)

inkspell title

I read Inkheart back when I was in grade 5 or 6, and I remember being so captivated by that book.  I went out an bought Inkspell right when it came out… but it’s been just sitting on my shelf ever since.

hallowed title

Honestly, I have absolutely no clue why I’ve put off reading Hallowed for so long, and I bet Jamie will be upset that I still haven’t read it!!!!

pretties title

The Uglies series was another that I started back in elementary school, and for some reason abandoned!!

second five

devoted title

I’ve heard that Devoted and the third instalment of Elixer, True, both have just gone dramatically downhill.  However, I have a morbid desire to read them just to see how everything pans out, and because I adore Hilary Duff and all that she does :P

scarle title

I read Cinder early this summer and absolutely loved that book!  In all honestly, I didn’t really expect to, even though everyone was raving about it.  I ended up being pleasantly surprised by it, and now I really can’t wait to read Scarlet!

across title

AHHHHH I actually cannot stop raving about For Darkness Shows the Stars, and I have been waiting forever for Across a Star-Swept Sea to be released!! But, gimme some slack on this one because it did only come out on the 15th of October, which was relatively recently…

cassandra clare titles

Again, I have no excuses. I really just need to power through both of these series.

So tell me: Do you have the same problem as I do?? If you don’t and you’ve read some of these sequels, what did you think of them? Were the better or not as good as the debut book in the series?? I WANT TO KNOW!


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Sequels I Desperately Need To Read – because I have a series-ous problem

  1. I can’t believe how much I suck for not including Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo on my list! *hangs head in shame* !!! So happy you are ready for Clockwork Prince and City of Ashes! I couldn’t get enough of those series when I was reading them!!! ALL THE HOT BOYS!

  2. Loved Clockwork Prince, and hope you do too. I’m also behind on Unravel Me and Scarlet – so many sequels to read! Hope you enjoy these when you get the chance to read them.

  3. Ah! You really need to finish the Uglies trilogy! (I don’t care what goodreads says IT’S A TRILOGY. NO OTHER BOOKS EXIST. Which is more or less how I feel about TMI as well haha)

  4. I have a habit of doing the same thing. I have so many series on my shelf that are partially read, including Seige & Storm and The Infernal Devices series *facepalm* – lol.

    Unravel Me and Scarlet are so good though! :)

  5. I loved Inheart and Inkspell in high school but never read Inkdeath, so this summer I thought I’d try to reread the first two book to finally finish the trilogy. However, I couldn’t enjoy Inkheart at all! Which was really sad, since I had loved the book a long time ago. But I’ve resigned myself to just not try the books again. Hopefully you’ll still like it though!

  6. Siege and Storm was really good. I tried to read Inkspell last year, but it had been so long since I read Inkheart that I had a hard time getting into it. It’s also been a while since I read MG, so I had a hard time connecting to the characters. I hope you have better luck than I did.

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