About Me

Hi there!  My name is Natalie.  I’m 20 years old, from Ontario, Canada, and contrary to popular beliefs and one of my favourite TV shows How I Met Your Motherwe do not say “aboot”, and we are not all raging hockey fans.  Nor do we live in igloos for that matter.  Anyway… I love reading, obviously.  I have been reading for as long as I can remember and there was never a time where I did not love it and crave it!  I read just about every genre of YA books, and I do read the occasional adult fiction book too.  I also really enjoy painting my nails, and I do them a lot!!  It’s a bit of an obsession of mine, and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have polish on my nails!

This blog is new territory for me.  I’ve never been the type of person who can sit down and write about things fluently and enjoy it.  Until I stumbled upon the amazing world of book blogs!  The first book blog I found was The Perpetual Page Turner, and I spent quite a long time exploring it.  I then found out about a bunch of other book blogs, and I got inspired to start one of my own.  And now, here we are.  I named my blog books, etc. because that’s the stuff that this blog is going to be made up of! Book reviews and other bookish posts, as well as posts featuring my nails, and perhaps what music I’ve been listening to, and whatever else floats my boat!

So, I hope you enjoy my little bookish corner of the interwebs, where you’ll find out a lot about books and a little about me :)


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just want to say that I’m slightly envious in your review layout and wish I had thought of it! haha Love your reviews. Will be checking back :)

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  3. Welcome to the book blogging world! I hope you have enjoyed being a book blogger so far :-) I also love doing my nails and I follow a couple of nail polish blogs myself. I am also a HIMYM fan! I see you didn’t mention Canadians being scared of the dark?? Great blog, new follower! I look forward to reading your reviews.

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

    • I have enjoyed being a blogger so far! Everyone is so awesome and friendly and I’ve already made so many great new friends! thanks for following and taking the time to leave me a comment! :)

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