Gayle Forman Read Along: Where She Went – Week 1 Questions

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! We’re on to the third book of the read along, Where She Went. This portion of the read along is being hosted by Alexa at Alexa Loves Books! This week’s questions focus on the first part of the book, pages 1-62.

1.  Adam has changed a lot since we last saw him in If I Stay. Any guesses as to what happened between him and Mia? Him and the band? In his personal life? What do you think of the “new” Adam we find in the first chapter?

 Adam most definitely has changed A LOT since we last saw him in If I Stay. Now he’s a hot-shot music artist travelling around the world on tours for his now famous bad, Shooting Star. As for what happened between him and Mia? Well, they went through a lot together, that’s for sure. They experienced things so young that many people will never have to deal with in their lives ever, and I can only imagine how much pressure that put on the two of them. As for Adam and the band and in his own personal life? Everything that happened with Mia must have taken a large emotional toll on him, causing it to effect every aspect of his life.

2. How do you feel about Mia’s determination to go to Julliard right away, instead of deferring for a year? Do you think it was the right decision for her to immediately leave the familiar, the scene of her greatest trauma and grief and head to an unfamiliar, new place?

I honestly can’t say too much about her decision, because I can’t even imagine being in that place she was in that she had to make it. I suppose that for her maybe, getting away from anything and everything that could remind her of the tragedy she has experienced as soon as possible was one of her methods of coping with her grief. Except for the fact that she’s not really coping, she’s just running away from it all.

3. What do you think of Mia and Adam’s first reunion after three years? 

 It was definitely awkward, as expected. They really don’t know each other anymore, because so much has happened since they last saw each other and were a couple together. They are completely different people now, and only know each other as they did three years ago.

4. Grief strikes people different, as we see Adam grieving when he and Mia break up. Have you ever experienced the same intensity of grief? How did you survive it or move on from it? What do you think of Kim’s role in helping Adam snap out of his grief?

 I have experienced the grief of loss on a few occasions, but probably not the same intensity as Adam. I survive and move on  from my grief by allowing myself to be sad for as long as I feel I need to be sad for, but then also realizing that there is a time for me to get up and move on with my life.

5. Song lyrics can sometimes describe our feelings about situations completely, as Adam’s lyrics for the songs on the Collateral Damage album describe his feelings after Mia dumped him. What are some song lyrics that describe feelings you’ve had or memories?

 Ahhhh I always suck at finding/remembering things like this on demand!!!! I’ll come back to this one later when I’ve had some more time to think about it :P


Gayle Forman Read Along: If I Stay – Week 4 Questions

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! We’re on to the second book of the read along, If I Stay. This portion of the read along is being hosted by Candice at The Grown-Up YA! This week’s questions focus on the ending of the book.

Now, I followed along with the reading part of this read along, but I didn’t have time to answer the questions for weeks 2 and 3! But I’m back, and I’m here to finish off the questions for the last section of the book!!! :)

1.  “Amazing things happen when you stop hiding behind that hulking beast.” What is the significance of this statement that Mia is told at music camp? Are there any examples of her not hiding behind her cello that result in amazing things?

 When Mia finally agrees to play her cello with Adam and the rest of her family and friends, she realizes that it sounds fantastic next to all of the other guitars, and doesn’t result in the cacophony she thought it would.

2. Mia laments to her mom about the changes that are coming for her and Adam – college, musical success, moving – and her mom states that 17 is an inconvenient time to be in love. Do you agree? Disagree? Why?

 I think that 17 is most definitely an inconvenient time to be in love, what with college, and the stress of senior year of high school, and the fact that you can change so much over the next few years. Mia’s mom definitely had it right.

3. The last part of the book foreshadows Mia and Adam’s future relationship. If you haven’t read Where She Went, do you think it’s heading a good direction? If you have read Where She Went, does rereading this book give you a better understanding of their relationship in the sequel?

I haven’t read Where She Went, but I definitely think that their relationship is headed in the right direction. I’m certain that Mia will want to stay with Adam, and wont take up his offer of leaving her if she wants him to. I think that because he was the reason she was able to place herself back in her body, and regain the strength to rise from her coma that these two will have an inseparable bond in the coming book.

4. So… last week I asked about the headphones and realized I jumped the gun. Feel free to answer that one now: What does Adam’s act of putting the headphones on Mia suggest about their relationship?

 Adam knows Mia inside and out. He knew that listening to cello music would remind her of how strong she can be, and of what she would be leaving behind in this life if she decided to die.

5. What’s been your favorite part thus far about this read-along? Feel free to include any fun moments, any new bloggers you’ve met, etc.

I’ve loved getting to experience reading these books for the first time ever with some amazing book bloggers! I can’t wait for the next leg of the journey :)

Gayle Forman Read Along: If I Stay – Week 1 Questions

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! We’re on to the second book of the read along, If I Stay. This portion of the read along is being hosted by Candice at The Grown-Up YA! This week’s questions focus on the first part of the book, pages 1-62.

1.  What was your initial reaction to the accident? Did you have an OMG moment?

 When I first read that scene, I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. I thought it was interesting how Gayle chose to write the scene without the reader experiencing the accident first hand (as the book is written in the first person), but instead having Mia narrate the details of the accident just after the fact. And I can’t even begin to imagine how Mia must have felt witnessing the carnage from the accident – I began to feel sick just reading the gruesome details.

2. Adam and Mia are about as opposite as can be. Based on what you’ve read so far, what do you feel makes them such an intense couple?

 I think that Adam and Mia are such an intense couple because they share a common interest, but enjoy and experience very different aspects of it. They are both musicians, but Adam is more of a rocker and Mia is a classical cellist. I think this allows them to learn more about each other through how they experience their music – which is a very personal thing – thus making them an intense couple.

3. Mia is watching what is happening to her in the hospital. How do you think she is handling it? Do you think her reactions to everything is natural or is it something else?

 I don’t know about you, but if I were having an out of body experience and witnessing all of the invasive surgeries and treatments being performed on my own body, I would not be as eerily calm as Mia is throughout this whole ordeal! It strikes me as a little strange how calmly she is handling all of this.

4. We’re introduced to Mia’s family before and after the accident, who is a group of varied individuals. Have you developed a favorite yet? If so, why? What makes that person special to you?

 I don’t think I’ve come to like any member of Mia’s family more that the rest just yet. I love them all. They are such a fun-loving and happy go lucky family, with amazing parents who can connect with their children and act more like friends, and yet still seem like parents. But when I do get around to picking a favourite, I’ll keep y’all updated ;)

5. We ended this week’s reading on one of the sexiest scenes ever. What was your reaction to this? Cigarette? Cold shower? Sneaking ahead to read more?

It was definitely hard to stop reading at the end of the first 62 pages! That scene, combined with everything else that is going on makes me never want to put this books down. I just want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen!!!

Gayle Forman Read Along: Sisters in Sanity – Week 3

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! The first book we are reading is Gayle’s debut novel, Sisters in Sanity, and this book is being hosted by the amazing Judith at Paper Riot! This post contains by answers for the third week’s reading section, chapters 15-21.

1. Let’s talk about the most important thing here: Brit + Jed. How do you feel about them finally getting together? Do you think there’s a future for them if Brit gets out of the Red Rock?

Eeeeeeppppp!!!! I’m so happy they finally got together! First of all, it was insanely cute, what with Jed taking Brit to the nationaly park and going for a hike, then having their little moment on the blanket in the clearing. AWWWWWW <3 I really really really hope there is a future for them! I mean, Jed’s been taking the time to write coded letters to Brit while she’s been away for 6 months, so he clearly knows how to put effort into a relationship.

2. When Brit gets caught, V takes the blame. Why do you think she’d do that? Do you think there’s more to V than we’ve seen so far? And why would Brit be furious? Do you think this is a normal reaction?

I think that V takes the blame for Brit because…. well, I really have no idea. Maybe because she knows she can get herself out of there soon when she turns 18? I just don’t know. I definitely think there’s more to V than we’ve seen, and I hope we get to find out what she’s hiding soon! I think that Brit got mad at V because Brit feels bad that V is serving the punishment for Brit’s actions, instead of herself. Brit is also probably angry because V has kept so much to herself, and is still hiding things, yet Brit has been completely open. I definitely think it’s a normal reaction from Brit to be angry.

3. “Maybe I was going to end up crazy too. Not the carving-my-skin, barfing-up-my-lunch, ditching-class- types that passed for crazy at Red Rock. But voices-in-my-head crazy. Crazy like my mother.” Brit is afraid she’ll end up like her mother. Why does she think this? Do you think she should feel this way? Would you feel this way?

If I had someone as close to me as my mother go crazy and schizophrenic, I would definitely feel worried that it might happen to me too! The fact that she has been sent away from her family by her father to a place trying to convince her that she might be crazy probably doesn’t help either.

4. Brit’s dad comes to visit, and Brit is angry at him for sending her to the Red Rock. Why did he send her there? Do you think he even knows himself? And do you think he’s right?

Brit’s dad sent her to Red Rock because although he felt he was too late to help Brit’s mother, there is nothing stoping him from “helping” Brit. I think that is what he is telling himself, but the actual reason might just be buried too deep inside him for him to figure out. I don’t think he was right in sending Brit to Red Rock. There is nothing wrong with her at all. She’s a good kid – doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs – but her father and step-mom don’t seem to see that!

5. And then, finally, we learn that Martha is in the hospital. For Brit, this is the final drop. She’s ready to kick some Red Rock butt. How do you feel about Martha? And what do you think Brit and the Sisters are going to do? Do you think they’ll succeed?

When I found out about Martha, I was so scared! I think Martha really does want to change her ways, but Red Rock is not helping her to do it in a healthy way at all! I really like Martha, and I hope she is okay. And all I know is that Brit is ready to shut this place down. How she is going to do it, I don’t know. But do I think she is going to succeed? Definitely.

Gayle Forman Read Along: Sisters in Sanity – Week 2

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! The first book we are reading is Gayle’s debut novel, Sisters in Sanity, and this book is being hosted by the amazing Judith at Paper Riot! This post contains by answers for the second week’s reading section, chapters 8-14.

1. “I can’t think too much about how I got here, because when I do I feel like I’ve been betrayed by you, and that makes me feel worse than everything else that’s happened.” (p. 85) Brit says that she feels betrayed by her father. In which way would she feel betrayed by him? Do you think she should feel this way?

Brit feels betrayed because her dad just dumper her at this awful place without hardly any explanation, and so Brit can only guess why he would do that. She feels like her stepmother was the one who wanted her gone, and practically brainwashed her father into wanting that too. Brit also thinks that she is a reminder to her father of what happened to her mother, and she thinks that he may believe that the same thing is going to happen to her. I think that it is fair for Brit to feel a little betrayed at this point, because she really has no idea why she is there and why her father allowed it to happen. It hurts me though, to think that Brit is feeling this way.

2. “Sooner or later, you’re going to have to talk about your mother, about the ways in which her nature mirrors your own.”(p. 117) When Clayton says this to Brit, Brit has a major freakout. Do you think Clayton was right to say this to Brit? Do you think she takes Brit’s mom’s illness seriously? Should she?

I reallllllly don’t think that Clayton has the right to say this to Brit. Clayton obviously doesn’t realize the seriousness of Brit’s mom’s condition, and that Brit doesn’t act the way she does because of it. Brit is right, she acts the way she was raised… it’s everyone else who has changed.

3. “Crazy concept. Trusting your child.” (p. 126) Brit says this to V when they talk about how their parents trust the Red Rock instead of their own children. Do you think the parents of Red Rock girls are wrong not to trust them? Do you think it’s understandable that they trust these so-called professionals instead of their own child? Do you think all of the girls need to be locked away in a special “school”?

I do not think that all of these girls need to be locked away in a “special school.” They seem like regular teenagers with regular problems to me, it’s just that their parents are taking their problems way too seriously and think that they are bigger and more life-altering than they actually are. I think the parents ARE wrong to be trusting the Red Rock staff instead of their own children, but Red Rock puts up a pretty strong facade that leads the parents to believe that everything there is amazing and that they are helping their children in the best way possible…. which we as the readers know are LIES!!!!

4. At the end of chapter 14, there’s a bit of a cliffhanger. Brit and the Sisters are trying to sneak her out to see Jed. Do you think this will work out? And do you think that Jed will actually want to see her?

I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see if this whole sneak out is going to work out okay!!! I really really want it to, but I have a gut feeling that something is going to go wrong. And if Brit actually makes it out all the way to see Jed, I deifnitely think he is going to be overjoyed to see her there. You can tell by the coded letters that he definitely misses her and is into her!

5. Talking about Jed and Brit: do you think there is a future for them? From what we’ve seen from Jed, he keeps reminding Brit of Fireflies, but would they work as a real couple, or does Brit just have an innocent crush?

I really want there to be a future for Jed and Brit!! I think that they would work as a real couple, but that is based on what I know from Brit. We don’t really know too much about Jed, so who knows. I’m always a fan of relationships with the guy being a little bit older than the girl, but then you run the risk of him thinking of her as a little sister! I hope he really does like her.

Gayle Forman Read Along: Sisters in Sanity – Week 1

gayle forman readalong

Hey everyone!! I’m participating in the Gayle Forman Read Along organized by the ever so wonderful Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide! The first book we are reading is Gayle’s debut novel, Sisters in Sanity, and this book is being hosted by the amazing Judith at Paper Riot! This post contains by answers for the first week’s reading section, chapters 1-7.

1. What is your first impression of Brit? Do you like her as a character? And do you think she really has ODD, or is she just a teenager?

I like Brit. I think that she is an interesting character who has had what sounds like a very interesting and colourful childhood. She has had to deal with a lot of things that I could never in my wildest dreams imagine dealing with, and yet despite this, I feel I am still able to connect with her. We know her true thoughts and feelings from the very moment this book begins, and I think that was a wise move on Gayle’s part, to open up her character so fully from the start. Now, about the ODD?? That diagnosis is such BS! The description of that “disorder” is called BEING A TEENAGER! I know, I still am one!!! Sure, Brit might have that, but so do 90% of all teenagers on earth!!! I really hope that ODD is not an actual thing….

2. What is your first impression of the other girls? (V, Bebe, Martha, Cassie) Do you like them? Do you think they can be trusted? Who is your favorite?

I really like V. I think that she is really and truly going to be one of Brit’s friends at Red Rock and will help her find her way out of that god awful place. If she doesn’t and ends up being a terrible backstabber I am going to be furious!!! V is definitely my favourite of the girls so far. Bebe seems like your typical rich California type girl, but she’s probably not as shallow as she seems. We don’t know too much about Martha so far, but Red Rock seems like an awful place to send someone to get skinny. Personally, I think that Martha knows what’s wrong and how to change it, and just needs the courage to do it, but she will find that courage on her own and not at Red Rock. And Cassie seems pretty funny, but we don’t know much about her yet either!

3. We get a first glimpse of how things are handled at the Red Rock. How do you feel about this so far? Do you think the way things are handled is okay?

GOD NO!!! The way things are handled at Red Rock are disgusting and are NOT OKAY. I can’t even begin to think about what being there would be like. This place practically forces girls to name call until they cry and then that is considered “treatment.” This place needs to be shut down, because by the sounds of it girls must be leaving this place in worse shape than they showed up in!

4. What do you think about the story of Brit’s parents? Do you think this has anything to do with the way Brit acts now?

Brit definitely had an interesting yet troubled childhood. To see your own mother descend into a disorder as complicated and scary as schizophrenia must have been terribly hard to bear, and then to have your father re-marry a woman who completely changes him and turns your life into a living hell would have to be just that – HELL. I think that it might have something to do with the way she acts, but in all honesty I think she just enjoys being in a band and being sarcastic to see what kind of reactions people give her.

5. What is your first impression of Sisters In Sanity after the first 7 chapters? Are you enjoying it? Is this your first Gayle Forman book?

I am loving Sisters in Sanity! I don’t know if I’ll be able to drag out the reading for an entire month though! It’s so good, and I borrowed it from the library so that has a little bit to do with it :P Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!!!

My First Read-Along!!!

Eeeeeppppp!!!!! I’m so excited!!! I’m going to be participating in my first read-along, and it is being hosted by Cass from Books With Cass! The read along is the “Spring into Summer Read-Along” and here is the super cute graphic that Judith from Paper Riot created! Isn’t it just adorable?! spring-into-summer-FOR-REAL-maybeThe two books we will be reading are two that I have been excited to read for a while! We will be starting with This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smithon May 13, and a week later we will be reading All I Need by Susan Colasanti. If you are interested in joining this read along, head on over to Books with Cass and check it out by clicking on this button below! :)

Wish me luck with my first read along! I’m so excited to do this one, and it’s with some of the best bloggers I know <3